HFX Zonee

HFX Zonee

USB-multi-zone high resolution audio network player, up to 192 kHz/24 bits

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The HFX zonee is the first multi-zone high resolution audio network player, which is designed for highend USB-DAC and USB-Amplifiers.
You can control each zone with your iPAD or Android device.

Supports all audio codec (FLAC, AIFF, Apple, WAV, WMA, MP3 and more)
Supports all high resolutions from 16BIT/44kHz to 32BIT/384kHz
Resampling to USB-DAC on-the-fly
Master volume knob on the front
Supports up to 4 USB-DACs

Direct Sound Output with mini jack or S/PDIF RCA
Pure UPNP Player with support of UPNP control points like Asset Control (Win), Songbook (iPAD, iPhone), PlugPlayer (Android), Andromod and more
with Internet Radio Server inside
The different Zones can be configured and named via a web
interface. Front LEDs show, which Zone is actually playing and with which quality.

Via HDMI you can also connect your TV and see, what is playing in which zone with which quality. With the Master Volume knob in front you can overall the remote control and adjust instantly the volume for all zones.

You can of course use the HFX zone only for one zone, but maybe you want to add in parallel a good headphone amp. But you can also use USB Air DACs and play music in each room of your house.

To play music, you need to have a UPNP source, like the RipNAS with your digital music collection inside.

The HFX zonee has also a free UPNP Internet Radio Server inside. All UPNP players in the home network can access this Radio Server.

The HFX zonee is compatibel with standard USB audio devices. If the manufacturer of the USB audio device has own proprietary drivers, then the HFX zonee might not detect the device.

Technical Specifications
4 zones with up to 32BIT/384kHz via USB
Analog mini jack stereo output on the back panel
S/PDIF on the back panel with up to 32BIT/192kHz
2x USB 2.0 low ampere + 2x USB 2.0 high ampere on the backpanel
Master volume on the frontside
with UPNP Internet Radio inside
2kg pure brushed aluminium
Dimensions: 3cm (h) x 23cm (w) x 24cm (d)
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