NuForce uDAC 3, silver
NuForce uDAC 3, silver

NuForce uDAC 3, silver

Mobile DAC

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Class leading mobile DAC
The uDAC3 Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) and combined headphone amplifier significantly upgrades any computer’s sound output. It simply connects to the computers USB port and extracts every last nuance and detail from your digital music collection.
- Upgrade your computer’s sound output
- Superior mobile headphone amp
- Analogue & digital outputs
- Convenient rotary volume control

More Power
Small enough to fit in your pocket, but packing the serious earphone power required to produce the extra bass and volume in the noisiest of environments - with the uDAC3 you can enjoy perfect sound from your laptop, anywhere.

More Detail
The uDAC3 uses USB for the audio connection bypassing your laptop´s low quality soundcard and earphone output. It then processes your digital music directly – giving you much better sound than is possible from your laptops earphone output.

Not Just For Audiophiles
If you’re a gamer you will experience a more accurate and realistic sound track, you’ll hear subtle audio cues that others won’t, increasing your performance and enjoyment.
Musicians, producers and DJ’s use the uDAC3 as an ultra-portable monitoring solution enabling them to work anywhere with ultimate precision.
If you use Skype, YouTube, watch movies or use online music services like Spotify or Pandora on your laptop and want better sound quality then the uDAC3 is for you!

At Home
The uDAC3 is perfect for use at home as well as when one is out and about. Unusually for an ultra-portable DAC, it has both analogue and digital output connections, in addition to the earphone amplifier, so you can connect it to your amplifier and speakers at home or in the studio.
The uDAC3 offers a convenient connection to high resolution files stored on your PC or MAC. Audio enthusiasts playing DSD files can use a ASIO driver to convert their content to PCM stream for seamless replay at the uDAC3’s highest available resolution. As you would expect, only the purest analogue circuit topology has been employed in the uDAC3, which among other features includes the elimination of all capacitors from the signal path. The uDAC3 derives its operating power directly from the USB port of your computer and then engages a special "boost" circuit that ensures ample voltage is always available for explosive reproduction of high-speed musical dynamics.
At the heart of the uDAC3 is a 24bit/96kHz DAC that employs the latest asynchronous USB communication. A double jitter-reduction mechanism at data level and at the over-sampling filter stage ensures that you´ll always hear a harmonically accurate presentation.
The earphone amplifier is suitable for driving earphones with impedances ranging from 16 – 300 Ohms and has 80mW x 2 (16 Ohms) power available.
Technical Specifications
Model name: uDAC3
Product category: Mobile
Product type: DAC
Connector type: USB
Output impedance: RCA 100 Ohm, Headphone 5.6 Ohm
Dynamic range: 90dB
Maximum sampling rate: 96
Headphone power output: 80m W x2@16Ohm
Bit resolution: 24
Volume control: Rotory
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
USB sampling rates: 32,44.1,48, 96
Signal to noise ratio: 98db
SPDIF sampling rates: 32,44.1, 88.2, 96, 176.4
Total harmonic distortion: 0,05%
Connections input: USB
Power supply: USB powered 80mA/5V
Connections output: 3.5mm stereo, digital coax, RCA L+R
Native bit rate: 16, 24
Supported HD audio: 96/24
Weight : 0.09
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm): 68 x 38 x 21
Standard accessories: USB charging cable, user´s manual
Colour: Red, Silver, Black
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